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The Way You Clench Your Fist Reveals A Lot About Your Personality


Ever since the day we were born, our bodies wear certain markers that tell a lot of about our personality and genetics. You have read on “cold reading” – the art where you can read the lines on a person’s hand to learn more about them.

Novices can try to determine how long a person can live; while more advanced practitioners can take things further. Today we are going to be learning about a different kind of cold reading – the one where you can find out a person’s personality traits by the way they hold their fist.

Keeping Your Fingers over Your Thumb

This is one of the most regular ways people hold their fists – just as you can see in the above photo – the thumb is placed below all of the other fingers. This type of fist says many positive things about a person. Let us review them next:

Keeping Your Thumb over Your Fingers

This is also a regular type of fist-holding that many people have. It may also be a more comfortable and practical way of holding a fist – but that is a discussion for a different time. Today we are going to be reviewing what this type of fist means for the people that have it.

Keeping Your Thumb on the Index Finger

This is another common way of holding a thumb. It is similar to the previous type of fist, with the only difference being that instead of keeping your thumb over all the fingers on your hand, you keep the thumb only over the index finger.

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