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BMW claims the Guiness World Record for Longest Drift in a crazy 8-Hour Skid


In the past weeks, the internet has been flooded by a video posted by none other than BMW. In said video, the famed German manufacturer broke the world record for the longest continuous drift, with the slide being kept for nothing less than 8 complete hours.

To do so, BMW requisitioned one of their brand new M5’s, and set to work in order to break the two previous records set by Toyota.

However, as you can imagine, a car redlining for 8 hours non-stop does consume an improtant of fuel. Because of that, Toyota previously fitted extra gas tanks in the trunk to ensure the vehicle wouldn’t run out midway and make all the work redundant.

However, BMW thought otherwise, and decided to come up with a more hands-on, certainly wackier way of going around that problem, and came up with mid-drift refuelling. 

In simple terms, BMW came up with a pump system allowing the M5 to be refulled from another vehicle containing the fuel, which when snatched on the record car, could deliver 18 gallons of fuel in 50 seconds.

Once that’s done, the pump is pulled off and the car can continue the drift. Although the system was put in place, there was one last challenge, getting the fuel from the brand new M5 to the second M5, the record car without stopping, and that meant one thing… tandems. 

Indeed, whenever the record car needed fuel, the 5-series would start drifting at the same pace, and pull up alongside it for an assistant to plug the pump into the custom made fuel cell.

While all that seems crazy enough for it to be a record by itself, it’s worth remembering the record car, driven by none other than Johan Schwartz, who is also responsible for the previous longest drift record with BMW, had to continue it’s run undisturbed and without stopping for another few hours.

The risk was clearly high, and as we can see in the final video released by BMW, which you can check out above, there were a few hick-ups along the way. However, with the 8-hours behind them, they annihilated the record by almost 150 miles, with 232.5 miles travelled in one continuous slide. Now, it’s all up to Toyota to take their crown back, but also out-perform BMW with an even crazier way to refuel their car. Your turn Toyota!

Source : ar12gaming.com


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